Artworks of Atul Dodiya

Artworks of Atul Dodiya Atul Dodiya is a figurative painter. His figures are Indian. It means that they have a dark skin and these figures depict the life in India which includes paucity, concerns and truth. It is noteworthy that works of Atul Dodiya don’t make any political statements. He is amongst the most sought after present-day artists of the day. Atul Dodiya is married to his fellow painter Anju Dodiya. His artworks began to bring a lot of fame to him with the series on Mahatma Gandhi in 1999. In the series, he reconstructed images from forgotten memoirs of the leader.

Early Life

Atul Dodiya was born in 1959 in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. His passion for painting was visible since his childhood.


Atul Dodiya completed his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai in 1982. He carried on with his academic training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris from the year 1991 to 1992 following a scholarship awarded to him by the French Government.


Most of the times, his creations are dominated by a fragmentative and pluralist mood. His images trade tales. He accepts and internalizes historical influences and draws heavily on the same. Works of Atul Dodiya don’t showcase questioning of western sway of creative statement. Blasts of March 1993 affected him immensely. These blasts devastated his sense of completeness and tranquility. He realized that you can’t ignore some truths. Such truths are mirrored in his paintings in shape of flaking cracks and plasters. Works of Atul Dodiya are rendered in gallant realism and illustrating on pop art iconography. His attempts to return to his roots are revealed through his works. His sensibilities are affected by reality.

Awards and Accolades

In 1882, he was awarded a gold medal from the Government of Maharashtra. He has had several solo and group shows in India & abroad. In 1995 the Sanskriti Award was bestowed upon him. He received the Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship, Italy and the Sotheby’s Award, both in 1999. Raza Award was given to him by Raza Foundation in 2008.

Apart from the series on Mahatma Gandhi as mentioned above, he enjoyed global acclaim through a series on the Bombay: labyrinth/laboratory show at the Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo. It included an assortment of his paintings on store shutters and other works. These works were created with readymade objects that mirror his concern with middle-class aspirations of Indians and the influence of globalization on traditions that trigger each individual authenticity, inducing images of finality, commotion and the tempest under the composed.

Atul Dodiya has had numerous solo shows in India. He has also exhibited at 'Reflections and Images' Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi and Mumbai and 'Trends and Images' CIMA, Calcutta, all in the year 1993. As far as his exhibitions outside India are concerned, he has exhibited at Gallery Apunto, Amsterdam in 1993. He has been an important participant in 'The Richness of the Spirit' Kuwait and Rome in 1986-89, in 1989 'India - Contemporary Art' World Trade Center, Amsterdamand 'Exposition Collective' Cite Internationale Des Arts, Paris in the year 1992.

Works of Atul Dodiya has won him laudable importance amongst his fellow artists. His latest painting which is an oil and acrylic work on canvas is dedicated to previous Team India captain Rahul Dravid. The painting is named ‘The Wall’. You can always see a hint of truth and reality in his artworks.