Sculpture Artists of India

Sculpture Artists of IndiaThere are a number of sculpture artists in India who have done great work and known for their brilliant creations worldwide. In fact many of these sculptors are born in India but have shifted their base to Western countries in order to explore more of modern and upcoming art ideas and also reach a wider audience. For example, Anish Kapoor, is an Indian born Sculptor who shifted to London for further studies in the field of Art and also makes his living there.

Sculptors of India have excelled in every category, whether it is bronze sculpture, metal sculpture, wood sculpture, sand sculpture, the artists have explored each and every genre and mastered it. The present trend in Indian sculpture is Installations; a few artists that have mastered the art of Installation in India are Subodh Kerkar, Nalini Mallani and Subodh Gupta. Installations can be formations of temporary nature, created in a place to like museum or gallery. It is more of a construction that uses natural materials like cans, steel, and so on. Modern Indian scultors are exploring with new ideas like Installation and Interactive Installations.

Art has many modes of expression. In India it has always enjoyed an esteemed position. It is not just confined to drawings, sketches, portraits, brush and paints. One of the most expressive approaches of art is sculpture. Several Indian artists have earned global acclaim on behalf of their paintings and talent with brush and paints but many opted to articulate their feelings and ideas through sculpture. Some of these sculpture artists of India are harmonized in the piece of writing below.

Great Sculptors of India

Sculpture artists of India are par excellence. Some of them are mentioned here-

Dhruv Mistry

He was born in 1957 in Gujarat. He gave way to amalgamation of standard market art with traditional art descending from the most primitive civilizations. His sculptures reconnoiter art in scores of media other than sculpture such as drawing, painting, etching and the like.

Dhanraj Bhagat

Dhanraj Bhagat took birth in Lahore in 1917. Inventive traditions and western creative ideals mixed up and his style was formed. He kept experimenting with new media every now and then but found wood best for his creativity of sculptures.

Sankho Chaudhuri

This artist was born in 1916 and had fabricated numerous works of inventiveness that have featured abstract figures carved out of different materials. His works exposed his perfection of the dexterity of carving.

Ramkinkar Baij

He is another much-admired Indian sculptor. Born in 1906 in West Bengal, he is also renowned as the father of modernism in Indian art. Body language, human figures and general human drama fascinated him the most.

G. Ravinder Reddy

The artist was born in 1956 in Andhra Pradesh. His sculptures are life like and peep right in your eyes. Each and every sculpture by him has a classic design.

Anish Kapoor

This artist was born in 1954 in Mumbai. He is distinguished for being a winner of Turner Prize. After completing his studies at Doon school he went to England in 1972. His sculptures have the power to capture the onlooker as they are mysteriously marvelous. His sculptures range between brilliantly colored and being monochromatic and are mostly simple forms.

Sadanand Bakre

He was amongst celebrated sculptors of India. He studied at the famous J. J. School of Art and was the winner of numerous awards here. He was amongst the founder members of the Progressive artists' group immediately after independence of India. This artist has displayed his works of creativity in a lot of locations in America and Europe. He had also exhibited his artworks in 1961 at the Commonwealth Institute.

Somenath Hore

Born in Bangladesh in 1921, he gained reputation because of his skills of sculpting. Around the year 1974, this artist began to work on bronze sculptures; 'Mother with child' is one of his most colossal sculptures which orbited around the subject of the American war in Vietnam. An unswerving subject of works of Somenath Hore was human anguish.

All these sculpture artists of India are winners of many prizes and are highly honored. Each one of them has given a new shape and a new dimension to the art of sculpting. Sculpture as an art form is acquiring a new and modern character and undergoing massive transition worldwide. Like other great artists of the world, Indian sculptors are also coming up with novel ways to convey their idea, whether it is related to Indian society or world view in general. For example, Subodh Gupta’s creation “Line of Control” is created out of the pots and pans that are used on daily basis in Indian cooking. By using innumerable pots and pans he has created a colossal of Mushroom cloud that evokes open-ended thoughts and represents brilliant use of every day materials for artistic purpose.

Sculpture as an art is not as simple. It requires craftsmanship and dexterity to use tools. It takes time and practice to carve out perfect structures, proportionate and in harmony. While some sculptors of India have experimented with new and different materials and methods, few have sticked to their conventional approach and mastered the style. After going through the works of the prominent sculptors of India, one can visualize the quality of artistic thoughts that Indian artists have carried in their minds since ages. The sculptor artists of India have tried to make out the most complex from a simple idea.

Delve into this section to know how each and every sculpture artists of India have contributed to the cause of art and carried forward the tradition of excellence world-wide.