Top 10 Painter Artists of India

Top 10 Painter Artists of IndiaIndia is a land of beauty; whether it is in terms of nature, literature, culture, legends or art. The lines here highlight the people who have taken Indian art in sphere of painting to new horizons. Painters of India have a distinctive style of expressing themselves and each and every style is distinguishing. All the painters illustrate their creativity through commendable use of colors, shade and light. Their imagination and talent are showcased through their wise choice of the approach to portray their minds. Top 10 painters of India are elaborate in the account here.

Though art thrived in India since pre historic times, we can name and analyze the greatness of only those artists whose work could be documented. After the advent of British in India the artists started acquiring a new and broader identity. Their fame and work both reached a new height. It’s more to do with India’s new established connection with the Western world. Not only Indian art and paintings were analyzed in a broader light, but the Western ideas started infusing with the Indian style of painting. Artists became wishful for more recognition and appraisal of their artwork. Also, it was only after the arrival of Britishers that Indian artworks started getting documented as historical magnificence. The artists, whose primary concern was to eulogize the court and the royal highness in their artworks, now approached painting from a different angle. They now wanted the appreciation of a larger and heterogeneous crowd.

So when we name the top 10 painters of India we see that the oldest of these artists date back to the British Raj period. Reason is simple; Indian artists and their work started being documented and projected to a wider audience after Indian was connected to the Western world. The top 10 painters of India described in this section have won appreciation for their work all over the world. These are counted as 10 best artists of India not only because they produced masterpieces or were known to the world, but because they have been trendsetters and living examples for their followers. Each and every artist described below excelled in his or her own genre, contemporary and budding artists have evolved with time and their art reflects a totally different approach, but somewhere at the back of their mind they are heavily influenced by the top painters of India. The contemporary artists look upon the top painters of India with reverence and their artwork as great examples.

Below is a brief overview of artists documented as the best in the history of Indian painting so far. They have won accolades for their work and a few also attracted wraths of the countrymen for their radical ideas. But each artist has exceptional hold of artistic ideas and expression. Western art rubbishes Indian paintings for their religious over strains, but we need to analyze the artworks of these great painters with a more open mind and beyond religion.

Best Painters of India

Most celebrated painters of India are harmonized here.

  • Abanindranath Tagore This artist continued the legacy of painting, he received from his family. No wonder, he is remembered as the Father of India's Modern Art.
  • Jamini Roy Born in 1887 in Bengal, this artist was amongst the most dominant painters of the past century. He received passion for paintings in legacy as his father gave up his government job to pursue his fascination for painting. Without a doubt, Jamini Roy’s work deserved delightful acknowledgement.
  • Amrita Shergill Amrita Shergill was a revolutionary painter of her time. Born of a Hungarian mother and Sikh father in 1913, she blended beauty with boldness. Though her career and life, both were short, she left a deep mark with her creativity on the art scenario of 20th century India.
  • M. F. Hussain Name of this artist doesn’t need any introduction. Born in 1975 in Maharashtra, he is undoubtedly amongst the most celebrated painters of India. All through his life, he enjoyed national as well as international fame. His works are keeping him alive.
  • Nandlal Bose He was an apprentice of Abanindranath Tagore and Havell and is considered as an eminent artist even today. Born in 19th century in the second year of its eight decade, this artist gave paramount paintings to art treasury of India.
  • Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore was not just a painter, he was a versatile artist. He began with artworks at a very young age. The painting coffers in India have an unparalleled contribution by him. He was also a playwright, a Bengali poet, a composer, a Brahmo Samaj philosopher, a novelist and a visual artist.
  • Mukul Chandra Dey He was the first Indian painter to step out of the country for studying printmaking. He was a bright product of Santiniketan who studied there when Rabindranath Tagore was therein. His training of printmaking added to the sphere of painting and his artworks.
  • Raja Ravi Varma This artist is amongst the highly acclaimed painters who enjoyed applauded appreciation everywhere. Born in Kerala in 1848, he worked mostly on the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Most of all his paintings are his works depicting women beautifully clad in sari. He had portrayed them wonderfully in elegance. He is known to be a rationalist among moderns and modern among traditionalists.
  • Satish Gujral The name of Satish Gujral is famous for fashioning some amazingly superb paintings and also sculptures, graphics and murals. His unrivaled talent brought him international recognition. His creativity has made him stand as one of the most resourceful artists of India.
  • Anjolie Ela Menon The name of this artist has carved a niche in the art scenario whether national or global. All over the planet, her artworks are considered among the vital painting collections. In 2006, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco at California selected ‘Yatra’ one of her creations. She is one of the leading female painters of contemporary art. Through top 10 painters of India, the country has a lot to boast about the richness of its artistic talent. Indian painters give a unique and unparalleled abundance of beauty on canvas while depicting an endless variety of subjects.

So as and when you go through the detailed biography and critical analysis of the artists mentioned in this section, you will also understand how Indian painting has taken a new height and character with the help of these great artists of India. The top 10 painter artists of India have invigorated the imagination and artistic ideas of many more artists. These are the stars of Indian art who will always spread the light of inspiration to their followers.