About Us

What is itasveer all about?

At itasveer we want to provide you with a rich online experience enabling you to do more with your digital photos.

Stellar Photo Prints

To start with, we hope to make the process of getting prints of your digital photos convenient and hassle-free. No more trips hunting for a photo studio and no more spending on expensive home printers. Order prints online from anywhere - your home, office or the nearby café. If you are living out of India, itasveer is a great way to send photos home to your friends and family – we deliver all over India.

Creative Gifts Galore!

To take your creativity to the next level, we also have a feature rich design engine for you called the Doodlepad. Use it to give a new life to your photos. Design something cool and make great products like T-Shirts, Mugs, Collages and more.

Pooled Sharing!

If you think that digital photo prints are not for you, no problem. We have a great way for you to share photos – you can create your own webpage with your selected photos, accessible like any other website. Your visitors do not have to make an account, nor do they have to struggle with difficult web addresses.

All this with no limits – you can upload as many photos as you want.

As we continue to add new features, we do it with one underlying philosophy – to empower you to do more with your digital photos.

What does the name mean?

itasveer comes from the letter 'I' and the word 'Tasveer'. 'Tasveer' is a Hindi word which means a picture or a photograph. The versatile 'I' takes on several meanings, ranging from the Internet to India.

Who are we?

itasveer has been in operation since April 2006 and was set up by four IIT Delhi alumni. Now it is handled by two IIT, Mumbai alumni. Our operations are based in Gurgaon, Haryana.

We will be delighted to answer your queries, and privileged to have your suggestions and feedback. Write to us .
We promise we will respond.