it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Doodlepad!

What is it?

The doodlepad is's online design tool. With the doodlepad you get to create fantastic personalised designs with multiple photos, funky backgrounds and design elements, speech bubbles and much more.

"Doodlepad makes online photo printing fun!"
- PC World Magazine

" I am a doodlepad offers such flexibility that none of the indian product websites offer..I have been able to create such cool designs and gifted my family members and they have also loved it. "
- TATA NEN Startups

Start Designing !

Do the following & much more with the doodlepad:

  • Add Multiple Photos

    Unlike most sites, with iTasveer, you can add multiple photos to your design.

  • Move, Rotate, Crop!

    Tired or straight rectangular photos? With the doodlepad, you can move your photos, rotate them, crop into cool shapes and even add funky frames.

  • Text Freedom!

    Add a short quote or a long note. Keep it simple or funk it up with speech bubbles or cool fonts. Doodlepad gives you great text controls.

  • Lots of design elements!

    Besides photos and text you can add backgrounds and clipart to jazz up your design.

  • Drag & Drop Templates!

    For you lazy bones, we also have drag and drop simple templates to help make your design a breeze.

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Are you a designer?

Do you want to contribute to design elements and templates on the Doodlepad?

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Want the Doodlepad on your site?

Very soon you will be able to buy a license for the doodlepad. Let us know for to avail special early bird pricing on launch.

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