we're hiring

We've come a long way from where we started. From our humble beginnings in April 2006, we've covered some distance and gotten some delighted customers and some encouraging accolades. But the story has just begun, and we have a long way to go.

We're working on some cutting edge products and we're looking for a super-coder (or two) to join us in this endeavour.

Job Description(s)
For both Java and Flash developers*

We believe one of the key reasons why all this has been made possible is the technology that underlies itasveer. You'll be working on building web services and products right from their conceptualization, their design to the implementation.

We do most of our web development in Java and develop with some of the popular open source frameworks like Stripes, Hibernate, Guice etc. We're also heavily invested in Flash and do some very interesting work with Flex and ActionScript. We also expect you to have a reasonable understanding of front-end technologies like HTML, JavaScript (alright we'll be easy on that, we get by with jQuery, javascript is just hard! perhaps some good experience with GWT will be icing on the cake). A sound knowledge of how things work on the web and how to make them more performant is also key to this position. We'll look for the following as a basic screening, so please address them in your application/resume. Please do mention your specialization (Java/Flash)

  1. BE/ME (Grad in Computer Science/Electrical preferred) from a reputed institute.
  2. At least 1.5-2 years of Industry experience in Java web development domain.
  3. Experience with open source technologies and frameworks used in web development like MySQL, Tomcat, Spring, Guice, Hibernate, Ant etc.
  4. Flash/Flex programming experience using frameworks like Cairngorm, Degrafa, BlazeDS etc.
  5. A good understanding of development processes which includes source control, build and release cycles, unit testing to name a few.

We promise you will get a chance to work in stimulating start-up (think great work and stock options) at competitive compensation.

Please send in your resume to careers@itasveer.com

* Or if you know both _well_, you can be the Stud 3.0 here. Stud 2.0 is taken and Stud 1.0 is a longer story