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Service with a heart

We put our hearts into providing a customer service experience that you’ll be pleased with, always.

You are human, so are we. So, whenever you reach us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a human response within 24 working hours, from someone who is responsible enough to solve your queries at the earliest. More often than not, you can hear back from us within a few hours.

PS. Thanks to Vaishali Shroff, one of our esteemed customers, for this spunky phrase

It's a pleasure to see websites respond so fast and so well. Long live itasveer. I would surely meet you guys next time I am in Delhi. A website has never been this "real".
- Ashutosh, Oct 6
Itasveer is service with a heart
- Vaishali Shroff, Dec 30
It is not often that online commerce website respond to individual's issues. Your responses have been exemplary and I am sure that at least I am going to do more business with you. Will recommend you to all my friends.
- Aditya Deshpande, Nov 17
I must say that I am highly impressed by itasveer's extremely reliable grievance redressal system. Normally one doesn't expect websites to take such "good care" of a customer. Please keep up this attitude towards customers. In the longer run, this will most certainly set you apart from the rest. All the best wishes for the future
- Akshay Pande, Oct 23
plus i'd like to add that your customer support is awesome.. it’s better than anybody can expect.. keep it up.. if I have to rate it then I guess it'll be 6 out of 5.
- Rohit, Aug 23
Boss... u guys are REALLY fanatical about customer support.. I didn't know that there are companies in India which are so concerned about their customer care !! Hats off to you all... These guys went out of their way to deliver my order which I needed urgently for a family function.. Good work guys good work !! keep it up.. ur customer support is just so amazing !!
- guarav, feb 13
Seldom do we find, customer interface so efficient by a new company. You have definitely made a loyal customer. I would definitely recommend you to many. What you deliver is a customer WOW.
- surabh mishra, jan 9
Itasveer is one my favourite sites. It is so easy to use and I don't remember how many people I have recommended this too. Their service standards are exceptionally good & they 'really' respect customer feedback. It is not just a mere statement for them. They are truly innovative & my son & my family just loved their innovative product the 'photo raakhi'. Ever since digital cameras came in photo printing was one chore but not nay more thanks to itasveer. Keep up the great work.
- Ruchi , Oct 9

“Wow” quality products that are more than gifts

We take the utmost care in ensuring that anything that ships out of our building, brings a moment of wow in the recipient's heart.

When you design a gift at iTasveer, our do-it-yourself approach helps you leave a unique personal touch to what you create. So make your designs quirky, add a few captions and then let us work the magic. We guarantee the gift you make will be treasured for long and you’ll always be remembered for making someone’s day extra special.

Our gifts work well for all occasions, be it a birthday, an anniversary or even to say a sorry!

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the EXCELLENT work that you've done. We loved the way the pictures have come out, and we loved the way you took care in sending them across. The packaging was just PERFECT. Keep it up and kudos!!
- Srinivas Vellikad, April 22
Hello I would like to thank you for giving a very easy n feasible way to bring a smile on sumone whom u love. I sent a wall calender on my parents Aniversary. They were too happy with this surprise. I dont live in India but still I was with my parents that day. I dont have words to appreciate this. Thanks alot. Kind Regards,
- Jyoti Sethi, dec 5
Just received the photos. As usual awesome work by you people J. Keep it up. Very soon will get back to you for many such orders for myself and for many of my friends who really were dumbstruck seeing your customer satisfaction(especially your immediate replies for our queries), quality and what not. Great going guys J.
- Sathya, May 9
hi u just rock... i jusr ordered 5 calenders and ur response was mind blowing.
- sourav, may 5
thanks for designing and printing so beautiful ..tht was all above of mah expectations...thank you so much..........
- lakshmi chauhan, feb 16
thanks for designing and printing so beautiful ..that was all above of mah expectations...thank you so much..........
- lakshmi chauhan, feb 16
Itasveer …… u r the benchmark in making personlised gifts!!!!!!!!!! I was so amazed with the doodlepad, which gives me the apportunity to express myself as I want with photo’s and captions & colours etc…. The customer service support is just tooooooooooooo gud. I got answers to all my queries very fast. I am very impressed with the quality of the applications as well. Really good job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will surely recommend it to my friends.
- uma, jan 19
The mug created such a stir amongst all the guests who were present. It was an amazing hit and guess what.... I became the centre of attraction!!! Hats off to you people who have started this itasveer. I finally received the calendar just now, late or not doesn't matter anymore coz you guys made my day. I have shown to my colleagues also...what a wonderful work you've done. Thank you so much. I am sure there are more orders...which will come from me and from my friends now to itasveer. Merci beaucoup (thank you in french) :)
- shreya roy, may 5
I have received the Photo Calendar yesterday afternoon itself. The quality of the Prints and the whole product was really great. Well done. I have chosen your service for your great looking Templates and quick shipping.
- raghu, nov 9
i received my mini calender.... and it looks absolutely WONDERFUL ... especially with my daughter's snaps on it.. but ofcourse i am not taking away any credit from you guys.. u have done a wonderful job at it and the finishing is excellent..
- mashura, jan 6
I had ordered a photo collage for my mother's birthday. She loved it ! I would like to thank, and Congratulate, you guys for coming up with such a user friendly way of making a collage from scratch. Me and my wife definitely loved every minute we were making it.
- Gaurav, Aug 1

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If there is any disappointment you face with any aspect of our service, let us know. If any product is defective/broken on arrival, or if you’re not happy with the print quality, we will either replace the product or make a refund of your purchase. Just write in to us. Our service will not let you down.

I am really impressed by the dedication and sincerty of u all..HATS OFF TO U GUYZ.. I am a quality analyser in a telecom company so I know what is customer satisfaction and importance of a good feedback from the customer. I hope it will act as a tonic for u all and u may go miles from I-TASVEER to W(orld)TASVEER.
- shanu, mar 16
One thing I would like to mention here is that this is the first time I have ever experienced such a wonderful customer experience. Regardless of the problems I have faced in getting the courier the way you have dealt with everything has been fantastic. I’ve always said Indian companies don’t know what customer satisfaction is all about. But now I won’t say this anymore. Please keep up the good work.
- swapnil, dec 12
I am really impressed with your photobook and will recommend your services to my friends and family mistakes do happen but to admit it and take a decision on it is what separates a good businessman from the rest. kudos to you guys for your concern and after sales support.
- Kedar, October 27

The world's best design tool – Doodlepad

You thought that a good old desi company cannot deliver a web product comparable to international services? We dare you to find a better place and a better tool to make customized designs. Doodlepad is extremely versatile - use one photo or many, write text in various fonts, add backgrounds and design elements and much more.

If you're feeling lazy, our pre-designed templates are ready to customize with your photos. They have been carefully designed to look great with photos, and moreover, they look stunning on print. Just drag-drop your photos and you couldn’t go wrong with it!

Watch this 4 minute video for an introduction to Doodlepad

The doodlepad feature is extremely innovative and the fact that one can design a collage so effortlessly is quite amazing. I designed a collage and sent it across as a gift to my parents. It has come out v well and I was v happy to see that it turned out to be a v good gift.
- Garima, july 10
YOU GUYS ROCK!! I had ordered a photo mug and when I held the finished product in my hand, I was STUNNED! Simply superb!
- nikhil, dec 18
Hi, I have used Doodle pad for creating a greeting card and I should say that it is an amazing feature which I did'nt find on other sites that provide personalised cards.
- sumeet, feb 9
one thing , two days back i visited competitors website to create a pillow cover ( as that product is not available on our site ) , but then realized how good is itasveer. then changed my mind and dropped.
- rajasekhar, oct 24
I had ordered a photo collage for my mother's birthday. She loved it ! I would like to thank, and Congratulate, you guys for coming up with such a user friendly way of making a collage from scratch. Me and my wife definitely loved every minute we were making it.
- Gaurav, Aug 1

Shopping that is convenient, reliable, safe

We are the one stop shop for all your photo printing needs. Shopping with us is safe and convenient, at very affordable prices. Why go to a photo lab, haggle with an auto or worry about parking, when you can have your prints delivered to you at your doorstep.

We accept all major credit cards, internet banking and even mobile payments!